Yourself On A Shelf

I have been a stay at home mother for 9 years now.  For some that may seem like the dream gig, and I have to admit that on most days I couldn't ask for a better job in life. What I have learned over the last 9 years is that not only is my home my workplace, but it's also my refuge.  I think most people would agree that their home is their happy place.  Vacations are amazing, and being away from home is always a welcomed break, but when you return, don't most of you have a big sigh of relief and say out loud for all to hear "Ugh!  It feels so good to be home!"? For a mother who lives in her refuge as well as works there, it can sometimes get to be a struggle.  I took on the job of "Homemaker" not knowing that my consciousness of the overall flow of my home would become so amplified over time.  And boy has it! When I worked outside the home, my house was tidy and clean, but I was away for 10-12 hours a day, so the fact that every little thing wasn't organized or in place wasn't where my focus was when I returned home.  I would enjoy the time I had with my family, and when I had the time once a week to clear up the organization issues from the previous week, I would.  Fast forward 9 years to where I am today.  I now homeschool my middle root and have a 3-year-old tornado.  To say that it's "all hands on deck" now is an understatement.  If you take a moment to breathe around here, the tiny root has jammed my once upon a time used mascara wand into her eye.  I have become hypersensitive to the fact that things can easily become cluttered with toys and games and my husband's baseball hats, and, to be honest, it's often a challenge for me to still consider my home my refuge.  About 2 years ago, I read a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  The idea was to declutter your home and rid yourself of things that aren't sparking joy in your life. It made complete sense.  I desperately wanted my home to not only reflect myself and my family but also not be full of knick-knacks and things that didn't make me happy.  I wanted to walk through my home without dodging things.  What I needed was a Zen-like flow to my home to match the peace that I desired in my mind.  I started small.  First, it was the two closets in my hallway.  Why in the fuck did I have a box of cold and cough medicine from 2001?  Why do we still have an Easy Bake Oven from when the middle root was 3?  We have 4 sets of curtains that I couldn't care less about and 5 blankets with holes the size of Texas.  I was bagging and throwing things into donation or trash piles.  I knew that if I tried to do a yard sale or anything of that sort, it would just sit in the garage and never leave.  You see, my husband is a bit of a hoarder if you ask me.  He would disagree, but the fact that I did most of my decluttering while he was away speaks volumes, as does the bag of cleats and baseball gear I found in our closet from when he was a kid (insert eye roll here).  To give him a little credit, he didn't fight me on much of the decluttering.  I explained to him that, when he goes to work, his work van is full of different things that are related to his work. If he is on a job, he can go out to his van and get the fitting or tool that he needs to complete the job in a quick and organized fashion. If I were to go into his work van and throw a bunch of unnecessary shit in there with the explanation that it could one day be useful, it would drive him nuts.  This house is my workplace.  I don't want unnecessary clutter bogging down our ability to get to or find things in a reasonable amount of time. I need the flow of the home to be easy and peaceful.  I will rid the house of unnecessary things, and, when it comes to decor, I will only use things that spark joy in my life.  I know I need my oils and diffusers.  I need my salt lamps and I adore shelving.  When it comes to little things to sit around in my home, I keep it to a minimal.  I love simple clean lines and also rustic earthy colors.  I wanted shelves to hold the few joy sparking items that I knew would be around for a long time.  Nothing too big or too small, just the right size to frame my lovelies, and that's exactly what I found at English Accents Co.  These simplistic geometric shelves were perfect to hold the items I cherish. As I chatted with Jason, the creator of English Accents Co., I learned that his fiance Ariana is a fellow lover of essential oils and a Doterra representative.  This is one of the reasons I love to shop with small independent companies.  You get to know them, and it’s not just about buying a product, it's about investing in someone you actually like. I have since spoken to Ariana a couple of times on the phone about essential oils and was so impressed with her sweet, down to Earth disposition and love of essential oils. I was looking for lovely shelves, and I found so much more. Talk about an added bonus.


The result of the declutter was a much more peaceful place, and my refuge was restored back to its former glory.  Right as you walk in the door, you see and smell my oils, and there, displayed on my favorite shelves, are my Buddha planter from Redwood Stoneworks, my Chakra balancing stones, and my most used essential oils.  It's a nice reminder that all things accomplished by this process thus far have been a very welcomed and needed change. Konmari really did change the way I see things not only inside my home but inside my life.  Like most people, I see things from time to time that I think "I love that!".  The difference now is that I pause and I think about how long that item will bring joy to my life and if it's something that in time I will get used to, or if it's something that I feel will bring long-term joy to my life.  I have very few items that sit around in my home, and the things that do have given me joy for as long as I have had them.  This is definitely a process that I will continue with, and I will also encourage my roots to participate in.  So often we can get bogged down in life and feel heavy in the search for peace.  When that happens, try and take a step back and ask yourself what it is that is heavy in your life.  Is it a house full of clutter, a constant desire to have more and more and more, or possibly the inability to see the glory of the joy sparking things in your life for all of the other unnecessaries.  For me, it was definitely the latter. The most important goal for me with Konmari is to not allow the peacefulness that I feel in my head and in my heart to be affected by what I see with my eyes. You can be so easily distracted from what is important and drawn back into the cycle of filling your home and life with things that you think will bring peace and tranquility, but, in actuality, only temporarily mask things.  Feel the freedom of letting go the things that don't bring you the joy you deserve.  Live, Love, and Grow Roots!