Emotional Dead Weight

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At some point in your life, you have found yourself in the presence of a personal growth vacuum.  Maybe it's someone you have known for a long time, or maybe it's the mailman who brings your packages to the door and all of his baggage as well.  When this happens, what do you do?  Do you offer an ear to bend and little time and patience?  Maybe you take a moment to lend sympathy to someone in need. But, when is enough actually enough?  Do you give until you have compromised your own growth?  Over the years I have found that for myself, I haven't always been able to walk away from something when it feels like it's leaving my emotional tank on "E".  I would continue to let it deplete me and leave me feeling dissatisfied when in actuality, I know I have such magic in my life.  I've always considered myself someone that is connected with living things not just based on time spent with them, but more on the fact that as living creatures, we all are connected.  I'm the one that sees a stranger in need and offers them my help or a mother that is frazzled so I offer an extra hip for their child to rest upon while she checks out her groceries.  The drawback of this is that often times I tend to absorb other peoples negativity and make it my own.  I have ultimately found that when life shows you what it has to offer and you aren't digging it. Turn that shit loose!  With that being said, my husband is currently stomping around the house (on his good leg due to a bum knee) because he can't seem to find clean underwear. Now,  I'm not going to turn him out to pasture because he is pissy. I'm just going to keep on enjoying my coffee and bringing life lessons to you guys because we all know that his underwear is hiding in the ever elusive closet.  Of course, everyone has a bad day from time to time and will find themself in need of someone to lean on, myself included.  The problem begins when they lean so hard that it begins to alter the way you grow.  Have you ever been hiking through the woods and see a mature tree that has managed to grow leaning completely to one side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  You think to yourself, how does this happen and why isn't the tree just collapsing under the weight of its own canopy?  The reason is that its roots are planted deep and firm,  and while the weight of outside forces caused it to lean, it doesn't fall but instead alters its growth.   As adults, we allow outside influences to keep us from achieving our full potential and we allow them to suck the nutrients right out of our personal soil.  Sometimes I look around and think about how grateful I am for the handful of friends that I have that are near and dear to my soul because we support each other's growth, no matter the direction, and we allow one another to remain upright without compromising the foundation.  Surround yourself with those that support your growth, and leave the bullshit at the door.  This is your journey, and deep roots will support you so long as the weight isn't too great.  If you need to let things go, it's ok to do that.  It's not being selfish to allow yourself nutrient rich soil in which to grow.  If you are a giving soul, just imagine all of the wonderful things you could do, if only you saved enough of yourself to allow for growth and stability.  We could do amazing things with an unwavering sense of who we are and begin to make magic happen.  Goodness knows we need a little more magic in the world.