Is Someone In Your Family Being Left Out On Christmas?

With the holidays in sight and Christmas lists submitted to the appropriate recipients, I'm certain that my roots aren't the only ones that are scampering around like they have eaten a mound of Pixie Sticks.  We have decorated the tree, put up stockings, placed a couple of outdoor decorations that may or may not be the eyesore of our neighborhood, but for me, it's all about what adds magic in the hearts of my littles and puts them in the Christmas Spirit of giving to those we love.  As we get older and families grow in size, I know for us and many of our friends, we have scaled down to only giving gifts to the children of the family.  Unfortunately, for some that have pets instead of human roots by choice or by circumstance, they are left out of the receiving of gifts. It goes without saying that Christmas isn't about receiving gifts, but you have to admit that when the scales are incredibly unbalanced, it doesn't necessarily leave everyone feeling the love, right? The purpose of this post is to remind people that when a family member has animal children instead of the human kind, be sure to include them on your shopping list and to also show you a couple of cute gift ideas with pets in mind.  They are just as loved and just as much the center of their universe.

Before we get started on the gift ideas,  I want to introduce my two nieces who are dear to my heart. My sister and brother in law have two children by the name of Jane and Annie Whore Cat.  Don't Judge!  She was a pregnant stray that they took in, and after finding wonderful homes for her kittens, Annie remained a staple in the home.  Low maintenance and a serious Fuck All attitude, Annie is the epitome of "Pet me.  Now, piss off!". Jane is...well, perfection. She's incredibly soft, listens better than most humans, she loves carrots, and when she gets excited, she does what we all refer to as "Bucking Bronco".  

Here is Jane in all of her glory.  Isn't she beautiful?  I may be biased but I could gaze into those eyes all day long.  Annie is in her usual state of "Thanks for rescuing me, now PISS OFF!".

Here is Jane in all of her glory.  Isn't she beautiful?  I may be biased but I could gaze into those eyes all day long.  Annie is in her usual state of "Thanks for rescuing me, now PISS OFF!".

Aren't they spectacular?  Okay, okay, I'm moving on.


Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to purchase for animal babies.  Like humans, some of them have allergies to certain foods and treats, and some are either not really into toys, or they eat them entirely.  What is good for one, is certainly not good for another.  I am including several different items that aren't specific to dogs and cats.  We personally have a dog named Bruce, a Bearded Dragon named Brad, and a pet chicken named Whitney Houston (Baby).  My pets will be modeling in a couple of the gift ideas, so I would like to add that Bruce is not the most photogenic animal on the planet.  In fact, if you ever watched the episode of Friends where Chandler and Monica are trying to have their picture made and Chandler can't seem to smile without grimacing,  that is Bruce in a nutshell.  Unlike his canine counterpart, Brad loves to play dress up, so modeling was totally in his wheelhouse.  You can thank me later for that.


The first item I would like to show you is a personalized dog treat container from Susabella.  It's absolutely adorable and is sure to be something that any dog owner would be happy to have in their home.  They have different sizes available and can be purchased both directly from their website as well as their Etsy store.  Take some time to look around at all the amazing things they offer.  From Christmas ornaments to food bowls and water dishes, the only thing standing in your way is the ability to choose just one.     



The next item I have comes to you from The Landlocked Dog.  I stumbled upon these adorable pet ID tags and immediately fell in love.  While our pets are indoor pets, there is always that small chance that a mishap could occur and they slip out of their leash, or God forbid dart out of the house to chase something. Every pet should wear an ID tag because every parent knows that no matter how great of a listener your child may be, there is always that one time that they don't. Giving a pet a voice to tell people who they are and where to call to return them safely to their owner seems like a no-brainer to me, and the tags at The Landlocked Dog are definitely more jewelry than just an ordinary tag. These tags aren't just for cats and dogs.  If your pet can wear a collar, they can wear a tag, so look around and find the right one for your baby.



I realize reptiles aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I can't do a post without including our Brad. I have learned after adding Brad to our family, that there are many families that enjoy the company of reptiles and specifically Bearded Dragons.  Brad is a funny guy.  Bearded Dragons are very low maintenance and will love you just as any other pet would.  When I was looking for a gift for reptile lovers, I found not one, but two items, both of which were home runs for Brad.  The first one comes from Mother of Dragons Hammocks & Accessories.  All dragons love to bask in the warmth of their heat lamps and while he was totally satisfied with his log to perch on, I knew a hammock would be much more comfortable. When it arrived, it was amazing.  Brad loved it, it's easy to wash, and its super soft and padded for comfort.  It was easy to suction to the tank, and he spends 80% of his day in the comfort of his hammock.  If you are a Bearded Dragon owner, I would RUN over to Mother of Dragons and pick one.  Anne has amazing taste in fabric patterns so you will certainly find something to add a little happiness to the tank. 



As I said before, Brad LOVES to play dress up.  With David Crockett State Park being local to us and our town being the home of David Crockett himself, when I found this outfit for Brad, I almost croaked.  I would have never guessed as a new Dragon owner that someone out there actually made costumes for them.  Who knew, right? Before you head over to Pampered Beardies, be prepared for the most adorably hilarious dress up clothing you have ever seen.  I put this outfit on Brad and he strutted around like he knew just how amazing he looked.  Next summer when our annual David Crockett Days comes around, I will have Brad on a leash and sporting his DC attire.  If you have a family member or friend with a Bearded Dragon, head over to Pampered Beardies and give them the gift of "the strut".   



Remember earlier when I said that my Bruce wasn't very photogenic? Remember the Friends episode reference?  Okay, well, let's revisit that as I bring you the last item on my gift ideas list.  My Bruce loves nothing better than to play fetch.  The biggest problem we run into is that he is still in the puppy phase, and every rubber ball he would get would quickly meet its demise when he sunk his little puppy teeth into it.  This ball from Amanda Lynn Crochet is Bruce's go-to ball for play fetch.  It's easy for him to pick up, and when he grabs it, it doesn't pop!  This is a fabulous idea for dogs and is also available in a small size that I'm sure would be just as entertaining for cats as well.  Amanda is great to work with and very prompt in response time, which, in my opinion, is running low in most big-box retail stores these days.  Now, I want to share with you the photos that I attempted to take of Bruce with his ball.  I would like to add that I DID NOT have the flash on.  He was deliberately "Chandler Bing-ing" the photos because he was pissy that I wanted him to leave the ball alone just long enough for the photos.  Enjoy!




I hope that this post was not only entertaining but also brings home the deep love that pet owners have for their children. Roots can come in all shapes and sizes, all breeds and backgrounds.  It's our job as a family to honor each and every one that helps us grow into what makes us who we are.  Don't forget to honor those who may have a different lifestyle than you, because while it may be something different from what you have chosen, the love that circles their home is all the same.  Live, Love, and Grow Roots.